The Value of Working with me

Executive Coaching for Business Founders

From making strategic decisions to developing your leadership capabilities, I’m here to help. Using my expertise and deep understanding of the challenges founders face, I’ll help you achieve great results. Take a look at my services below and get in touch to book a meeting.


Jet Pack

Leadership Development Programme


• Define your unique leadership formula.

• Identify your skills, abilities and areas that need development.

• Detect your core values, drivers and natural-strengths.

• Keep focus on what’s important

• Upgrade your leadership strategy and mindset.

• Learn to maximise and strategically develop your network and your team in ways that are right for your business.

• 'Slow-down to speed-up' for planning and defining priorities that will set the business up for success.

• Define your value proposition as a leader.

• Upgrade your personal brand to show you as a compelling leader.

• Achieve results more quickly and with less effort

• Help you take stock and have a new perspective on your position.


A) Standard Programme 1 x 90 min session and 5 x 60 min sessions

B) Deep Dive Programme – 3 x 90 min Deep Dive sessions and 6 x 60 min sessions 


Monthly Retainer

Executive coaching for specific issues.


  • Clarity and confidence in virtually any situation.

  • Develop the skills to manage yourself and your responsibilities outside the business.

  • Increase revenue without matching that increase in your stress level.

  • Experience greater levels of satisfaction and fulfilment, while running a business that is profitable, sustainable and fun.

  • Put in place systems and processes that take the pressure off you.

  • How to get the best out of your team.

  • Inspire leadership from top to bottom.

  • Put in place the building blocks for growth.

  • Processes for implementing a succession strategy.

  • The pros/cons of exiting, as well as optimal timing.


  • One to one coaching sessions

  • Email support in between sessions.

  • Minimum commitment for three months. Monthly thereafter.

*Follow up of  the Jet Pack programme or if you have been coached before.  Pricing will vary depending on individual needs and number of sessions per month.


Global Impact

A Comprehensive approach.
Six to twelve months coaching program for you and your team


• Reassessing the structure and culture of your company.

• Help you access an extended network of trusted business services providers in various territories.

• How to adapt your sales and marketing strategy to international markets.

• Learn to use your intuition the way successful business leaders do, particularly in uncertain environments.

• Dealing with investors.

• Experience heightened focus and clarity when faced with difficult decisions, as well as day-to-day operations.

• Become more effective at managing both operational and 'human' aspects of the business.

• Experience both profitability and purpose-driven outcomes. See how they work as one.

• Improve the quality, effectiveness, and loyalty of your team.

• Unbiased sounding board 


• Bespoke programme depending on the needs of your company

• Coaching sessions that focus on you, your team, your business and the impact you want to make in the world. 

• Workshops

• Introduction to international networks: Investors, services providers, potential leads (depending on the industry)

*Cost will vary depending on the needs of each company and size of the team. Minimum commitment for three months. Monthly thereafter.



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