• Tamara Medina Sapovalova

Your value as a person is not determined by your career success

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Photo by Razvan Chisu on Unsplash

How often do you let a career related problem get you down? While we spend a huge part of our lives following our individual career paths, there should be times we take a breather and look at ourselves as a person, not a cog in a machine.

Over 12 years + experience as a coach, one of the things I came to realise over and over is that one of the greatest challenges of each human being is the internal struggle with ourselves.

Most people base their value on the accomplishments they have had in their lives. The important thing is to realise that the skills we use to achieve those goals, remain even when our profession/job/business changes or disappears. For example, when a recognized professional in his field loses his job/business, his skills remain intact, but their self-confidence fades or diminishes considerably.

Our value is not determined by our professional success.

We must focus on valuing more the skills we have than the achievements we obtained thanks to them.

If we limit ourselves to enumerating the skills - ability, organisation, passion, dedication, experience, etc. we will realise that they are like those of other people, which is why they do not make us stand out as individuals. That is the reason why we attribute so much value to our achievements.

When someone close to us makes a mistake, our first instinct is to help them, protect them, support them or forgive them. But what happens if we make a mistake? How much time do we spend criticising or analysing what we did wrong, and telling ourselves things that do not make us feel good?

How many times do you celebrate your triumphs, your strengths and the things you do well? We need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

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