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'It is amazing what you can build with a little imagination' - interview with Victor Salinas

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I have the fortune to work and meet with many brilliant entrepreneurs that keep me inspired and loving what I do.

I decided to share a series of interviews with some of the fantastic Latin American entrepreneurs that have companies expanding internationally so you can learn about them and from them.

This first interview was with Victor Salinas the Founder and CEO of AIONTECH a Software company with more than 10 years’ experience developing solutions for financial institutions. Based in Mexico, Canada and now expanding into the UK. He is also one of TLA Latam Members.

Victor's team have been built platforms for local and international wire transfers and also for the bank reconciliation process.

Base on that experience they created a couple of spin-offs:

+ Easytransfer, a mobile platform allowing international students to receive money from their homes without a bank account in the country of destination

+ SmartCouncil: a web-based platform helping companies to control the cash-flow and financial projections based on an automatic bank reconciliation process.

How did it all start?

'I spent a year studying english in Toronto (2008-2009). After that trip, I got back home trying to get a job but nothing came up for about 6 months, so I decided to create my own company with the support of my first investor, my wife!!!!!

I'm inspired by the possibility to create something new, thinking outside of the box to improve the world we live in.

Music is my passion. I studied singing for 3 years and because of that I like to combine music with IT, that make me feel different and unique. My son says that I have the power to resolve any problem, no matter how complex it may be.'

Success and Failure

'Being resilient and persistent helped me.'

Based on my personal experience, the success is the result of a series of experiences that foster continuous improvement.

During my life I have experienced some failures with a successful end, but one of the ones I remember the most is the reason why I started the company. After 6 months without a job, the only option was to create a company but I could never have imagined where this adventure would take me, and all because I could not get a job.

When I finished high school I moved to the capital city to study at the University. That was the first time I lived alone, I was seventeen years old and basically I had to learn my limits and capabilities.

Starting my company from scratch has certainly been one of my biggest challenges, with no experience about entrepreneurship, proving my own motivation and resilience has shown me my leadership skills.

In my opinion, one of the most interesting and fascinating challenges I ever had is being a father of two children. The best way to see your reflection is through your children and it reminds me how amazing simple things can be.

What are your greatest achievements?

'The first contract we signed with a bank was our first achievement, it took us 6 months to be able to close the contract. At that time we were running out of savings and the only chance to continue with the company was to get the contract. Now that experience helps us never forget that the next customer will always be the first customer

Running the company for about 10 years has been an achievement in many aspects. overcome some adversities and find a way to keep traction with clients is something that requires patience and creativity.

Expanding our operations to North America is another great experience that we have achieved. We started this process 2 years ago and now with the company incorporated in Canada we are working to get our next first client.'

How do you energise?

Traveling. The one year trip to Toronto has been my most valuable investment. I spent all my savings on this trip, but it gave me a different perspective on what I was able to achieve.

Having all my activities scheduled in the calendar helps me to be more productive and organized. I started with this habit 2 years ago and I really have improved the time that I spend for every single task during the day

The three pillars in my life that keep me focus are: Myself, Family & Friends.

Music is definitely one of the places where I can find some peace in my mind during this process of internal struggle.

Watching some movies remind me how difficult the creative and innovative process can be.

Spending time with my children helps me understand that sometimes the answer to a problem is simpler than I thought, with a little imagination it's amazing what you can build.

What is coming next...

- We’re planning to launch our new venture Easytransfer the money transfer and payment platform for International students at the end of August

- We’re launching a new version SmartCouncil of our Reconciliation software for SMEs at the end of the year

- Organising a four day bootcamp for Latin American companies in Toronto Canada and a series of blockchain workshops in Mexico.

A piece of advice you would give to other entrepreneurs

Be an expert in one area, don’t try to be a wise. The person who is an expert in everything, is not an expert in anything.

'Dream big, do it quietly and steady. It reminds me that planning and executing are different things. Dreaming is great, making it happen is even better.'

- Victor Salinas



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