• Tamara Medina Sapovalova

"Get used"to rejection

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One of the things you must learn when being an entrepreneur is to "get used to rejection."There is a phrase that says: "It’s not personal, it’s business" However, as Simon Sinek says: "There is nothing more personal than business."

Everyone, whether in our careers, business or personal relationships, has suffered rejection at some point in time.

It is very difficult to not allow a lack of response to affect us. It’s much better if people say to you: It’s not possible, it is not for me, not now or I do not have time to look at this now but will get back to you in x amount of time.

At the same time, in business I have learned that we should not give up. You must try a few more times until people respond or at least until you have a definitive answer. Many times, it’s simply that people genuinely could not answer, or the e-mail was sent to the spam mailbox. The priorities of others are different to your own – what is important for you isn’t necessarily important to them.

It’s not possible to know the reasons why people behave in a certain way. However, generally what we imagine is a hundred times worse than reality. We create our own story of the reasons why someone did not answer us when in reality, the reason why is usually much simpler.

 The next time someone does not answer you, try again. As a good friend always tells me: "You already have the no". You can see it as an exercise in resilience, humility and strength and you may even have a pleasant surprise.



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