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Five tips that will help you increase your confidence

Updated: May 14, 2019

Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

When I first started working with leaders, I discover something that I wasn't expecting. You see many of them so confident and in charge but what we don't see is that internal self-doubt. It doesn't matter how much experience we have or how high you climb in your professional career, self-doubt is something that we all battle with. One of the biggest challenges anyone will face is the internal battle we have with ourselves.

Here are five this you can do that help you win this battle.

1. Make a list of all your strengths and all the things that you are doing well already

What are the biggest achievements you have had in the last six months (if you can’t think of anything recently, think of your life achievements) Write the achievements, skills and abilities that helped you to achieve that?What have been your biggest challenges? Write only the skills and abilities that helped you overcome these challenges.What did you learn from those challenges?What compliments do you receive from people? What are you good at?What makes you successful? What makes you feel at your best?What do you bring to your relationships with other people?

 Now, how do you feel when you see your list?

2. Help someone that needs your support

This will distract you from your own problems while making you feel great supporting someone else. We often get too focused in our own problems without realising that getting some distance and perspective works wonders.

3. Learn something new

Challenge yourself and book yourself into a class that you have always wanted to do. Try new food, walk, or drive, your way home through a different route. Find a skill or hobby that will enrich your professional or personal life. Having something new and exciting to focus on will add a fresh approach to your everyday life and increase your confidence!

4. Eliminate these three phrases from your vocabulary

“I can’t”, “It’s difficult” and I don’t know.” When you say these words to yourself, you are already giving up. Your brain won’t search for opportunities or alternatives because somehow you have already closed all the doors.

5. Protect yourself from negative/toxic people around you

If you can’t get rid of them (maybe they are a close relative, a spouse or a business partner) then you need to learn how to manage the relationship in such a way that will minimize the impact they have on you.

Relationships are built on what two people do. You will influence the other person's behaviour with your attitude. We have more power than we think…we can control our feelings and reactions to other people's behaviours.

Being more confident doesn’t happen overnight – but taking in each of the five steps above will help you approach this and start your journey towards being a more confident and happier person!



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