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Don't be inspired, be inspirational

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Today I want to share a story of the first time I was hired to “motivate” a team.

The owner/CEO of a Company hire my services because although his business was doing well financially, he felt his staff needed some motivation and engagement. He felt people had lost their drive. The mood of the office had changed. He also wanted to incorporate a new incentive scheme, but he didn’t know how to go about it, and he felt pressure to come up with the solution himself. He was struggling of what would be the most effective way of doing this.

They have been in business for 5 years. He had a team of 30 people. They had done some training in the past but never coaching.

I told him that before working with his team I needed to understand more about what he wanted to achieve, so I started to work with him first. During our first session it became apparent that he had lost direction and wasn’t sure where they were going with the company. He was also exploring other business opportunities. These were distracting him from the company and had a knock-on effect on the team as they felt the lack of clarity and direction (this became apparent when I worked with the rest of his team)

In the work I did with him I took him back to the reasons why he started the company in the first place and with that reawakened those feelings and vision he once had. This allowed him to realise all the achievements that somehow, he lost sight of.

We talked about the overall culture in the company. The company purpose and values were long forgotten they lay hidden in the in the CEO desk draw.

We did a 360-degree questionnaire to assess his leadership skills. This questionnaire was answered by his management team and people in the company that had regular contact with him.

He had a very good score on competency, and he had the respect of his team, but his lowest scores were communication and organisation.

After the results we explored on ways he could improve communication with his team and how he could make them feel more engaged and establish more process in the way things were run.

Some of the outcomes were that he had a one to one open talk with each person in the company asking them about their views, and expectations. Now he has regular talks, and has established social team gatherings that people wanted to have to share ideas in a more informal setting.

The results were fantastic. Because of this new way of engaging one of the employees come up with and incentives plan that they have now implemented. The staff felt engaged and listen to. More importantly they have implemented the new activities and now have embedded the values day to day.

Since then I have come across many leaders that want to motivate their team when what needs to be done is for them to reconnect to what inspired them in the first place. Once they are aligned with their own vision and purpose only then can they lead effectively and inspire others.

Be the inspiration you are seeking!



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