• Tamara Medina Sapovalova

Entrepreneur's mindset: a vital component when scaling abroad

Tom Van Hoogstraten

To survive as an entrepreneur is not only about the skills and innovation you have in your business. Your biggest asset is your mindset, how you adapt to changing circumstances, how to cope with setbacks, how to stay inspired and inspire others.

 Just moving countries can be challenging at times, let alone scaling your business in a different country.  This topic was explored on a TLA LatAm event 'LatAm: “A new kid on the block?'. We discussed the importance that mind-set plays when scaling abroad and some of the misconceptions entrepreneurs face during their journey.Below are some of the core ideas discussed.

Clear Purpose

Staying true to who you are, your core values and purpose will determine your business culture (DNA of your company). The glue that holds it together and makes the process of expansion less challenging.


You need to be able not only adapt but embrace the new culture. Learn the language, mix with people from the country you live in. Don’t stay in the ‘safety’ of your community.‘The only way to know that your product is relevant in a new market is by taking the time to research and understand the culture. ‘- Oliver Thomas

 Build a Network

‘Transmit your passion to other people, by building it and communicating it’ - Delberg Lage Build a strong network of likeminded people. Broaden your horizon and focus on developing relationships of similar interest and have gone through a similar process of adaptation as they can share valuable tips and earning experience that will save you time and money.For tech companies get in touch with Tech London Advocates an unrivalled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential group in tech. We now have an international network.


'Being humble, flexible and open to ideas and feedback. Only commit to what you can accomplish’ Andres LanderretcheChallenge yourself out of Comfort Zone. To grow and develop we constantly need to learn and expand our barriers. The more uncomfortable something feels the more we need it. Focus on the opportunities, your strengths and abilities.

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