Monthly  Retainer

Executive coaching for specific issues.


  • Clarity and confidence in virtually any situation.

  • Develop the skills to manage yourself and your responsibilities outside the business.

  • Increase revenue without matching that increase in your stress level.

  • Experience greater levels of satisfaction and fulfilment, while running a business that is profitable, sustainable and fun.

  • Put in place systems and processes that take the pressure off you.

  • How to get the best out of your team.

  • Inspire leadership from top to bottom.

  • Put in place the building blocks for growth.

  • Processes for implementing a succession strategy.

  • The pros/cons of exiting, as well as optimal timing.


  • One to one coaching sessions

  • Email support in between sessions.

  • Minimum commitment for three months. Monthly thereafter.

*Follow up of  the Jet Pack programme or if you have been coached before.  Pricing will vary depending on individual needs and number of sessions per month.



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