Jet Pack

Leadership Development Programme


•Define your unique leadership formula.

•Identify your skills, abilities and areas that need development.

•Detect your core values, drivers and natural-strengths.

•Keep focus on what’s important

•Upgrade your leadership strategy and mindset.

•Learn to maximise and strategically develop your network and your team in ways that are right for your business.

•'Slow-down to speed-up' for planning and defining priorities that will set the business up for success.

•Define your value proposition as a leader.

•Upgrade your personal brand to show you as a compelling leader.

•Achieve results more quickly and with less effort

•Help you take stock and have a new perspective on your position.


The programme has three phases (Discovery, Plan and Implement) and each has one Deep Dive session to allow you the time and depth to more deeply explore key areas that will benefit you most.

A)Standard Programme 1 x 90 min session and 5 x 60 min sessions

B)Deep Dive Programme – 3 x 90 min Deep Dive sessions and 6 x 60 min sessions 

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