About me

I help leaders flow

I help clients to align themselves and their teams to their values and purpose. We are designed to flow and people thrive when they work in flow.

I have over ten years of international experience working alongside fast growing startup companies based in the UK and Latin America.  

I'm half Czech and Mexican. I moved several times around my home country, Mexico. I then went to the United States where I lived for a few years, before settling in London.  Through my experience I have seen many companies wanting to expand within the UK. However, the lack of connections, cultural awareness and internal culture of the companies has played a big part in the challenges and sometimes lack of success.

Business Culture = DNA of your company  

When expanding abroad it’s a crucial element that many times gets overlooked. I want to make sure every founder gets excited not only by the product and service they have but ultimately the company culture they are building and the impact it has not only in the success of the company but the lives of their teams. 

Over the years  I have built up a wealth of experience in the Startup/ Scaleup industry whilst working with many scaleup founders. I’m passionate about coaching and the impact that great leaders have on business performance and management strategy when scaling businesses. I believe that a strong business foundation starts with the mindset of the leaders. Founders who succeed over time are the ones who learn the fastest - not just about product-customer fit but also about themselves and other people. They create agile, learning cultures by leading in sync with their own values.  



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