'A strong business foundation starts with the mindset'


We believe in the unique, human touch that people bring to their new business. The algorithm of turning a startup into a scale-up is built within the mindset and values of the entrepreneur.

Founders who succeed over time are the ones who learn the fastest - not just about product-customer fit but also about themselves and other people. They create agile, learning cultures and inspire action by leading in sync with their own, human values.

We focus on creating high quality, mind-stretching learning experiences for leaders and teams.


To inspire truly human leadership in new businesses and their founders.

Events & Products

LatAm Edge Awards 2018

It’s your opportunity to take part in the pitch of a lifetime. REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN!  

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10XProductive Spanish

“Hay dos maneras de vivir la vida: tomando las riendas de ésta o dárselas a otro para que la cond...

£97.00 GBP

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FREE Download - Visual goal setting tool

I have been coaching clients for many years and one of the things that I really enjoy is creating new tools and exerc...


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Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme

This is a leadership and personal development experience for entrepreneurs, start-up CEOs and their teams. This is a programme design to a culture of continuous innovation and strong engagement; with founders and their teams ensuring the results are aligned with the mission of the organisation.

Business Building Blocks Training

A comprehensive personal and business development programme. These workshops are designed to give you practical tools to grow your business. They are interactive, providing practical opportunities for developing your business ideas/strategies

121 Coaching sessions

I specialise in supporting business founders to develop their leadership mindset and help them build the foundation of a strong business culture.